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    Hello, I'm Judith. Thank you so much for visiting. I help courageous women to overcome the blocks that hold them back, so they can live a life of freedom, happiness & success. I live in Wymondham in Norfolk, England in the UK. I have over 13 years of coaching experience.

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  • Your Transformation

    Stop giving away your power to regrets, procrastination, fear or feelings of not being good enough,and begin creating the life that you most desire today; right now.

    There are many reasons why you could be looking for answers, solutions, inspiration, accountability or support, right now. Maybe you’re not where you wanted or expected to be at this stage of your life or you’re sick of feeling like a bit of a failure and starting over again. And again. Even though you’re grateful for what you already have, you maybe don’t feel as happy, fulfilled, confident or successful as you ‘should’ be and you’re not sure how to stop unconsciously ‘settling’ instead of shining. Life’s knocks can be draining and can leave you feeling lacklustre, ‘stuck’ and unenthusiastic about even thinking of making plans and changes.

    Deep down you know you want more. You want a bit of sparkle back in your life, and to feel vibrant and passionate about something again. At the end of each day you’d love to feel happy, contented, confident and successful.

    When we work together, I’ll listen to discover what you desire most, what you dream of and what’s really important to you in life. Together we’ll heal your fears and overcome your barriers stumbling blocks. You will explore and ignite your inner wisdom and create a positive mindset that helps you radiate confidence and manifest success with ease. I'd love to help you achieve everything your heart desires. Choose your program here.

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    Hello, I'm Judith. Thank you so much for visiting. My main focus and my passion as a coach is to help courageous women to overcome the blocks that hold them back, so they can live a life of freedom, happiness & success. I live in Wymondham, a small market town in Norfolk, England, in the UK. I have been coaching since 2009.

    Real joy comes from helping my clients overcome the effects of life's unpleasant experiences and create happy, successful lives and businesses for themselves. Since launching my coaching practice in 2009, I am grateful to have worked with and supported many amazing, inspiring clients. When these courageous women release their hurts from the past, overcome their blocks, connect with their inner wisdom and strength, I have celebrated with them as they achieve both small positive 'shifts' and complete transformations.


    As a heart-centred woman in my mid 50s I have released decades of feeling like I didn't belong or fit in, to become confidently authentic and know my own worth. I have learned a lot, and I have healed the effects of traumatic, damaging and often life changing experiences so they no longer define me or the life I choose to live. I have embraced my 'best' self and my divine feminine energy and experience the benefits of those in my life and business every day.


    I continue to invest in my own personal and professional development so I can serve you at the highest level possible. In life & business I have pretty much tried allllll the things, so you don’t have to take as long making your dreams a reality as I did.

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