• Welcome to The Fempreneur Sisterhood:

    Your Path to Empowerment and Success

    Are you ready to join an exclusive community of fearless female entrepreneurs dedicated to overcoming past hurts, conquering mindset struggles, and thriving in both life and business? The Fempreneur Sisterhood awaits you!

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    What Sets Us Apart?

    The Fempreneur Sisterhood is not just a membership; it's your empowerment circle. Here's what we're all about:

    1. Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Our mission is to empower you on your entrepreneurial journey, providing the support and resources you need to succeed.
    2. Healing and Thriving After Past Hurts: We understand the impact of past hurts on your mindset. Let's heal together and create a path to lasting success.
    3. Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Mindset Struggles: Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and the fear of not being good enough. We're here to help you break free.
    4. Gaining Unshakeable Confidence: Confidence is your superpower. Unlock your true potential for success and happiness with our proven strategies.


    "Judith has unlocked my potential and helped me in realising my future, clarifying my ambitions and enthusing my creativity again." ~ SR

    What's Inside The Fempreneur Sisterhood?

    • Monthly Masterclasses: Dive deep into themed masterclasses, training sessions, or mini video series to elevate your knowledge and skills.
    • Guided Visualization and More: Receive a monthly dose of guided visualisations, meditations, affirmations, or journal prompts to enhance your personal growth.
    • Private Facebook Community: Connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs in our supportive and friendly Facebook community.
    • Live Q&A Sessions: Join our monthly live Q&A sessions where I answer your questions related to the month's theme.
    • Daily Support: I'll be present in the Facebook group throughout the week, providing support and insights to fuel your journey.


    "Judith has a bucket load of experience, techniques and loveliness that she offers with abundance. She always gives me the confidence to face my fears and to help me identify exactly why and what I need to do next.” ~ KR

    Your Investment in Yourself: £7 per Month

    For just £7 per month, unlock a world of empowerment, mindset shifts, healing, and a transformed sense of self-belief and confidence.


    I have developed a better understanding of my barriers, challenged my own beliefs and achieved far more than I would have without Judith’s support and skill." ~ AD

    About Me

    I'm Judith, your guide on this transformative journey. With 15 years of experience in coaching female business owners, I've witnessed incredible transformations in happiness and success. Join me in The Fempreneur Sisterhood, and let's embark on this empowering journey together.


    Are you ready to define your success and shape your destiny? Join The Fempreneur Sisterhood today!


    “Judith has helped me so much to build my confidence and has given me some great techniques to help me deal with stressful situations and negative thinking. Judith has definitely made me feel better within myself which has helped with my personal and professional development.” ~ JB